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Florida Children’s
System of Care

Who We Are

The Florida Children’s System of Care is a partnership between state and community stakeholders from child-serving systems working to transform the children’s mental health system into a coordinated and integrated continuum that is: youth-guided, family driven, community based, and culturally and linguistically competent. It encourages every individual in Florida to be one person that makes a difference by supporting wellness and mental health for all of Florida’s children.

The intent of the system of care (SOC) is to provide a framework and to guide service systems to improve the lives of children with mental health challenges and their families. It is not intended to refer to a single program, but rather to a coordinated network of services and supports across agencies to meet the multiple and complex needs of any given population (Hernandez & Hodges, 2003; Stroul, 2002). It is our goal that all Florida communities who serve children with behavioral health needs embrace this philosophy and build the necessary partnerships to create their unique system of care.

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For Families

Family-driven care empowers families to be the main decision makers as to the services and supports which best meet their unique needs.

For Youth

The system of care philosophy encourages the idea that youths are the experts to their own health and wellness.

For Professionals

Resources to assist professionals promote the system of care approach.

System Of Care

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